Re: Formation of the ISODE Consortium

Colin Robbins <>, Julian Onions <> Fri, 13 March 1992 12:49 UTC

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From: Colin Robbins <>, Julian Onions <>
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Subject: Re: Formation of the ISODE Consortium
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As you all probably know, Colin and I have been maintaining the ISODE
source tree for quite a while now in our "spare" time. The
announcement of the formation of the ISODE consortium will cause this
situation to change.

Firstly, we are very pleased that the consortium is going ahead. We
believe it is essential for the long term future of ISODE. Funding for
development of ISODE and PP is getting harder now that it is an
engineering rather than a research activity. The consortium will be
able to undertake the financing of the necessary long term development

Secondly, it means that our role as the default pp-support,
quipu-support and bug-isode can be phased out. It is a task we have
been doing for some years now and it consumes a number of hours each
day. As X-Tel is an organization providing commercial support for
these applications, our continuing support of anyone and everyone at
zero cost has begun to become an issue.

Therefore, our plans are as follows. A final release of ISODE
(including QUIPU) will be made soon (within the next quarter). When
this is released, the quipu-support list will be closed down. It is
expected that a bug reporting list will be set up by the consortium.

PP will follow a similar course, but several months after ISODE -
probably early summer.

The lists pp-people, quipu and isode will continue and be open for
general discussion of PP and QUIPU for the community to swap advice
and experiences.

We look forward to an early and successful consortium development of
ISODE and PP, which we will actively support.

Julian Onions & Colin Robbins