Re: ISO/CCITT Registration

"William C. Green" <> Fri, 03 April 1992 07:57 UTC

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To: Burt Kaliski <>,
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Subject: Re: ISO/CCITT Registration

>On a related topic: Does anyone know who has authority to generate
>public/private key pairs for a c=US state?
>I don't expect that most states are prepared to do so, but it would be
>helpful to have such key pairs when constructing a certification
>hierarchy for residential persons. We're interested in getting such a
>hierarchy started.
>-- Burt Kaliski
>RSA Laboratories

I don't know if states will want to administer the key pairs.  They will
definitely want to administer pairs for their business (government
agencies) however.  From RFC 1218 (NADF-175), you will notice that
residential persons are represented below the state level at the county
level.  I suspect if residential key pair certification work is done, it
will be down at this level.

One argument for the states to administer the pairs is that they are a new
form of identification similar to identification cards and drivers licenses
issued by the state transportation agencies (again down along the country
lines in many cases).

Another possibility is for commercial ADDMs to handle this service for a
fee as part of their listing services.