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1)Section 2 and Section 4
Data packet forwarding between the two ABRs is different from a
VL in that the packets are tunneled if the TA path spans multiple hops. 
This removes the requirement for routers internal to the transit area
to have the TA area's unsummarised intra-area routes.

Why was tunneling chosen over this requirement ?
Any specific advantage?

2)Section 5
TA is announced as an unnumbered point-to-point link

If TA is unnumbered point to point why Link Data is not
"interface's     MIB-II ifIndex value"

On a hindsight "why was virtual link itself described
as unnumbered point to point?"
Could have been numbered point to point ??
Any specific advantage because of that ?

3)Section 10
If there is not at least one IP address belonging to
Transit area or TTA and the virtual link or TA is configured, a
router could advertise any of its attached IP address as a stub link
(Link ID set to the router's own IP interface address, Link Data set
to the mask 0xffffffff) to the transit area.

Not very clear? Why was this required?


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