Re: POP3 protocol question

Jerome Chan <> Mon, 10 October 1994 23:46 UTC

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From: Jerome Chan <>
Subject: Re: POP3 protocol question
Date: Mon, 10 Oct 1994 19:46:03 +0000

At 16:10 10/10/1994, Michael D'Errico wrote:
>> >RFC-821 (SMTP) allows one to _send_ mail.  POP3 has no reason to
>> >duplicate this functionality.
>> That's debatable.  I think overall I agree with Chris, but a significant
>> number of people do not.
>It appears to me that the people who want this functionality in POP3
>are not thinking of it as a way to make POP3 any better, but as a way
>to either "prevent" forged mail, or get around the configuration problem
>of having two servers (SMTP and POP3) to deal with (yes it's hard to get
>users to set up their clients correctly).
>However, the ability to send mail does not belong in POP3.  No debate
>necessary.  POP3 servers are such different creatures from SMTP servers
>that I'm surprised anybody who understands both would argue for it.
>In my opinion, the implementor(s) that support XTND XMIT, and the system
>administrators who "turn off" SMTP in favor of this "feature" are doing
>a great disservice to the end users.
>Michael D'Errico

I was thinking more on the lines of small palmtop machines that do not have
slip or tcp/ip connections (Newtons). Having the ability to send and
receive mail from a pop3 server via a dialup line is much simpler then
trying to send mail via an smtp server and collecting it via a pop3 server.
Of course, I could be wrong (or there could be another standard out there
that allows easier support). Thanks for the help everyone!

 The Evil Tofu (Only Human)