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As I have know about MPLS,RSVP,Diffserv,they are all supposed to offer QoS
over Internet.But all difficult to implement. I wonder why not use only one
bit in IP header to indicate this packet's priority? Let's call this bit as
P bit. If it's set to 1,then the packet has high priority.otherwise the
packet is treat as usual.The router will keep the delay of high priority
packet within a range.When congestion occur ,the router will discard the
packet with P=0.

If you set P to 1,then you will pay for it.Every host and router can set the
P bit.if the router decide that the network can't support too much packet
with P=1,it can override the P bit ,and you will not be charged.

I think this method is easy to put in practice.any suggestion to it?