(sipp) IPng Implementation Project

Lutz Henckel <lutz.henckel@fokus.gmd.de> Wed, 12 October 1994 12:16 UTC

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Subject: (sipp) IPng Implementation Project
Date: Wed, 12 Oct 1994 13:16:43 +0100
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From: Lutz Henckel <lutz.henckel@fokus.gmd.de>
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Dear Colleagues,

GMD FOKUS is planning an BERKOM project to design and implement
a so-called Multimedia Transport System / Next Generation (MMT/NG)
which will be close to the IETF activities (ipng, sipp, ngtrans, avt, rsvp, st+)
in this area. The global protocol architecture is shown in the following

         |  RTP&RTCP  |
         |    UDP     |    TCP    |Reliable MC|
|        |+-----------+           +----------+|
| Q.2931 || ICMP&IGMP | IPv4:SIPP | RSVP/ST+ ||
|        |+-----------+           +----------+|
|  SAAL  |    AAL5    |           |           |
+--------+------------+  N-ISDN   |    LAN    |
|       ATM           |           |           |

The project will start at the end of this year. The implementation will
be done for Sun SPARCstations under Solaris 2.x.

For us and hopefully also for other implementators it is not possible
and reasonable to implement all these protocols by ourself.
So we look for other implementor groups which go in the same direction
we can cooperate with. We would like to know who is implementing which
protocols for wich workstations (and routers) under which operating systems and
if the software is available for us as well as the conditions to get it.
We are able and willing to implement the supplementary protocols and
will make this available for you.

Henning Schulzrinne will coordinate the implementation of RTP
and me the implementation of IPng etc.

We are grateful to get any hints about your implementation plans.
If there is not a collection of this information yet available I will do this
via our WWW server.

Thank you in advance

           Lutz Henckel

Address  : Research Institute for Open Communication Systems
	   GMD FOKUS, Hardenbergplatz 2, D-10623 Berlin, Germany
Phone    : ++49 / (0)30 / 254 99 - 237
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