ESMTP 8BITMIME downgrading

Ed Greshko <> Mon, 06 January 1997 10:14 UTC

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Subject: ESMTP 8BITMIME downgrading
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	Some supposedly MIME compliant UA, NetScape mail in particular,
can be made to generate 8bit data in the body as well as in headers.  This
seems especially true out here in Asia.  In the case of the headers they
are not generated to be RFC1522 compliant. 

	In the case of a gateway negociating ESMTP 8BITMIME it is clear
from RFC1652 what should occur in the case of the body of the message.
What is not addressed, or maybe I missed it, is what should be the action
on headers which contain 8bit data.

	Should the headers be MIME'd according to RFC1522?  If yes, then
what about the charset indicator?

	Any guidelines or suggestions?



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