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 A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts
 directories. This draft is a work item of the Guide for Internet Standards
 Writers Working Group of the IETF.

Note: This revision reflects comments received during the last call period.

       Title     : Guide for Internet Standards Writers
       Author(s) : G. Scott
       Filename  : draft-ietf-stdguide-ops-00.txt
       Pages     : 11
       Date      : 08/16/1996

This document is a guide for Internet standard writers.  It defines those
characteristics that make standards coherent, unambiguous, and easy to
interpret.  Also, it singles out usage believed to have led to unclear
specifications, resulting in non-interoperable interpretations in the past.
This version of the document is a draft. It's intended to generate further
discussion and addition by the STDGUIDE working group. Please send comments
to stdguide@midnight.com or to the author.

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