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From: "Donald E. Eastlake 3rd" <dee@cybercash.com>
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Cc: "Donald E. Eastlake" <dee@cybercash.com>
Subject: draft-eastlake-internet-payment-00.txt
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I have submitted draft-eastlake-internet-payment-00.txt to
internet-drafts and made it available as
ftp.cybercash.com:pub/draft-eastlake-internet-payment-00.txt (note:
this server is configured so that you can not enumerate this

This draft suggests the addition of a Telnet option code and the
addition of SMTP reply codes and a new SMTP command.  I'd be
interested in any feedback.  I'm on the rfc-822 list but not
currently on the telnet list.

If anyone knows of an ftp mailing list, I'd appreciate a pointer
to it so I can post a notice there also.

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