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As I have told the CIPSO WG, I have been asked to attend a meeting at the
NCSC to discuss the various IP label options and to come up with a common
direction.  Mike StJohns and Steve Kent will be there.

So that I am prepared for the meeting next week at the NCSC to discuss the
future of IP security labels I could REALLY use the following information
from all vendors:

Vendor name:__________________________________

What is the status of your CIPSO work?

A.  No implementation planned at this time.
B.  Start implementation within one year.
C.  Developing CIPSO now.
D.  Shipping CIPSO since ____ date.

What is holding you back from starting implementation now?

What type of customers do you have that are using CIPSO?  (i.e. US
Government, Foreign government, DOD, commercial)

Can I report at the meeting, unofficially, the status of your CIPSO work using
your company name? 

Even if I can not use your company name please respond to as many questions
as you feel comfortable.  For companies that do not want to use their name I 
will group their stats under unnamed companies, though named companies will
strengthen our position.  The major strength of CIPSO's position is the large 
number of vendor support.  Without this it is no better than any other label.  

Please get back to me with this info as soon as possible, by Monday, 13 April 
at the latest.  Sorry for the short notice.  Remember, this will not be 
product announcements and no promises will be assumed.  We have a good 
specification here and I want to show them that we are way ahead of anything 
else by a strong show of support.

Ron Sharp