IMAP URL document

Chris Newman <> Wed, 30 April 1997 22:41 UTC

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From: Chris Newman <>
Subject: IMAP URL document
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Here's a new version of the IMAP URL document.  The following substantial
changes were made:

(1) Instead of imap://server/path;uidvalidity=foo;uid=foo;section=foo, it
now uses  imap://server/path;uidvalidity=foo/;uid=foo/;section=foo

This matches the relative URL resolution rules in the new URL internet
draft rather than the rules in RFC 1808.  It is also believed to work
better with the installed base of relative URL resolution.

(2) Removed cleartext passwords.

(3) Added UTF-8 requirement including an example and sample code in an

These are sufficient changes to merit another last call, IMHO.  As this
spec is long overdue already, I'd appreciate feedback promptly.