[AVT] RTP over TCP.

"Ethen Bommaiah" <ethen@kasenna.com> Wed, 08 May 2002 17:48 UTC

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I was looking at the RTP FAQ page at
Under "Why doesn't RTP have a length field ?", it mentions: "If RTP is used
with a
protocol that is not message-based (e.g., TCP) or if it is desirable to
carry several RTP
packets in one lower-layer PDU (e.g., for aggregation of streams), it is
trivial to define
a profile that prefixes the RTP header by a 16 or 32-bit length field,
depending on the
desired tradeoff between overhead and maintaining word alignment."

I was curious to know if there were any standard profiles that define
transferring RTP
packets over TCP. In particular, we were interested in transferring RTP data
over TCP
while using RTSP as the control protocol.


Audio/Video Transport Working Group