current draft, rough agenda

Robert L Ullmann <> Mon, 21 March 1994 17:27 UTC

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From: Robert L Ullmann <>
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Subject: current draft, rough agenda


The current draft is on, it should
be in the I-D directories as draft-ietf-catnip-base-03.txt presently.

The meeting agenda is:

1) Agenda bashing

2) various technical details

	Source NSEL (0 or same as destination) when <--> CLNP

	Fragment offset from TPDU

	TTL on ICMP cache setup (and other relevent things)

	TTL conversion in operation <--> IPX

	exact format of IPX addresses (should "padding" come first)

	local IPX network numbers

3) identification of any issues separating CATNIP and TUBA

	TCP and UDP checksums

	Addressing plans (i.e. why this is not a problem)

	Format of PTR RRs in the DNS

4) open questions

I will have slides (one each) on these points; if anyone wants me to add
something speak now and there will be a slide. (If you like)

If you need me to mail you a copy of the draft, send me a note and I'll
send it off (

Best Regards,
Robert Ullmann