minutes chassis mib wg cambridge july 1992

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Chassis MIB Working Group Minutes
Bob Stewart, Xyplex, rlstewart@eng.xyplex.com

The Chassis MIB Working Group held its second meeting at the IETF 
meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at 9:30 AM on Wednesday, 15 
July 1992.  For this meeting, Jeff Case presided and Bob Stewart 

The meeting was well-attended, but there was little discussion as little 
had been accomplished since the last meeting.  As a result, the meeting
activities centered on getting the group moving.

The following meeting agenda was presented on the Chassis MIB 
working group mailing list before the meeting.


Chassis MIB WG -- WEDNESDAY, July 15, 1992  9:30-Noon

Bob Stewart

Jeff Case

Mailing List:  chassismib@cs.utk.edu
chassismib-request@cs.utk.edu to add/delete/modify

The purpose of this meeting is to try to get the Chassis MIB WG 

All sorts of events have conspired to detract from efforts to get 
it started.  A major contributor from Cabletron got reassigned.  
Another major contributor and one of the cochairs has been tied 
up with other standardization efforts such as (SMP).  The other 
cochair has been ill for nearly a month but we are pleased to 
hear he is better.  Finally, the members of the [non] working 
group seem to think that the mailing list is a readonly object.

We will:

    1. Reassess the interest in and commitment to this work and 
       pull the plug if appropriate (we all hope not)

    2. Try to put together a new time-action-plan for the work.

This may be a short meeting.  There is nothing to be read or 


We reviewed the charter and work done, noting that there were 
only 13 messages on the mailing list since our first meeting.

.   Supposed to have Chassis MIB submissions and synthesize a 
       proposal.  Nothing done, needs doing.

.   Supposed to get power supply submissions, got 1 or 2.  
       Needs doing.

.   Aggregate MIB, nothing done.

We reassesed interest.

.   Interest remains, perhaps at slightly lessened level, 
       meeting well attended.

.   Cabletron implementation has moved in the direction of 
       Keith & Donna's proposal.

We declared plans.

.   For Chassis MIB:  authors are to post original documents, 
       or new one within a few weeks.  Cabletron proposal could 
       be updated.  Originals are in archive.

.   For Power Supply MIB:  MIBs to be submitted in a week, 
       expect about 10.

.   Aggregate MIB on back burner.

Respectfully submitted,

     Bob Stewart