The future

"David L. Arneson (" <> Tue, 15 December 1992 16:42 UTC

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Subject: The future
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 92 11:37:30 -0500
From: "David L. Arneson (" <>

I have read over Pete Wilson's proposal.  I like what I saw there for the
most part.  By and large it is waht we seemed to be agreeing that we 
needed during the working group meeting.  I already have a start on
the overview section of the MIB.

I do have a couple of concerns I wanted to bring up.  First I'm not sure we
want to delete the concept of the segment that an entity is connected to.
I feel that we can view segment as either backplane segment or backbone,
rib etc in a more general sense.  I feel the information is useful
to have in this MIB.

The other concern I have is that Pete treats the backplane as a module.
I question if this is the correct view for us to take?  I could go either
way I just want to get other views.

/David Arneson [] [ (603)337-5064 ]