Re: Future

Dan Romascanu <> Thu, 09 June 1994 15:39 UTC

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From: Dan Romascanu <>
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Subject: Re: Future

We are interested in seeing the Chassis MIB WG restarted. I think
we learned the lesson from the mistakes made in the previous round
and the problems are still there. I agree that if we can agree on 
a well-focused Charter, we should be able to complete the work in
a couple of meetings.

Dan Romascanu, LANNET Data Communications Ltd., 972-3-645-8414


Well another IETF is comming up on us.  I guess I would like to find
out if there is interest in getting together to discuss where we are
going with the chassis MIB.

The order of business should be to talk about the old internet draft
from last year.  Pete Wilson's proposal to the group.  Discuss any
new ideas people may have had.  Then determine if we have enough
direction to define a charter and start the working group up again.

So if you are interested in seeing the group move forward at this
time respond to this message.  If I see a sufficient number of
responses I will request permission to hold a BOF.

I guess one problem we may face is conflict with SNMPv2 assuming it
starts in the fall.  However I feel that if we are all dedicated to
solving the chassis MIB problems we may be able to be pretty close to
done by the fall.

/David Arneson [] [ (603)337-5238 ]