Re: Minutes of the ISN meeting

"Nelson, Bruce" <> Thu, 15 April 1993 23:40 UTC

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My thoughts on the upcoming Amsterdam IETF and ISN-WG session:

Vint Cerf is very anxious to have international involvement in the area
of school networking, which is why I have been pushing for participation
in the Amsterdam conference.  Connie, Art or John, are any of you
requesting the slot so that it can be in the online schedule? (I know
they're tied up with CoSN Board stuff this week).  I believe I can come,
Jennifer Sellers thought she could come, I don't know about April or Art
or Connie or John Clement.  Certainly Joyce Reynolds would be in
attendance.  In addition to having some core people there who have been
involved to date, our biggest focus ought to be in getting the
international counterparts to attend.  My feeling is that even if we only
have 15 non-U.S. people there who represent a variety of countries and
connectivity options, that it would be well worth it.  I know that there
is a stigma about international travel, even though with advance
purchases and smart shopping the costs are in-line with U.S. travel.
This will keep some from the U.S. attending, but should not keep the
group from meeting.

In addition, I would strongly suggest to this group the following:

1. Change the charter to remove all reference to U.S. schools,
eliminating language not "universal" to worldwide membership:  "U.S.",
"K-12", etc.

2. Elect a co-chair who would represent the international community, a
non-U.S. citizen.  Any suggestions?

3. Start a list of international school networking counterparts as
potential participants, then target those people for participation,
including updating the FAQ and augmenting the connectivity models

To recap U.S. attendees:

Jennifer Sellers
Joyce Reynolds
Bruce Nelson?
Ray Harder?
Others?  (Please respond with a running reply to help generate an initial
list of potential attendees)