Amsterdam--Need non-US folks!

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Subject: Amsterdam--Need non-US folks!
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To all:

The current Amsterdam talley as of 5/5/93:

Al Broscius
Bob Carlitz or John Clement
Susan Calcari
Ray Harder
Ellen Hoffman
Bill Manning
April Marine
Joyce Reynolds
Jennifer Sellers

Bruce Nelson
Cyndi Mills

I have not heard back from Rudiger (or Rutiger).  Bill, have you heard
anything back from Baak?

Below is a copy of a message Art sent me earlier.  Do you all think these
groups (European Schools Project or Chatback) should be actively
solicited?  If so, is there some ISN-WG description we can attach to
messages so that they can get the full context (and so we don't have to
re-type everything!). Along those lines, has the charter been updated so
that we can send it without "disenfranchising" people outside the US?
Finally, as we work to get participation, should we stress ISOC
membership in general?

To:           "ArtSt Georges" <>
From:         "Hubert Christiaen"  <>
Date:         15 Apr 93 10:45:03 MET-0100
Subject:      Re: school networking
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Dear Sir,

The following message was forwarded to me:
> As you may know, there is a great interest in networking in schools
> particularly in the US where they call it K-12 networking.  One of the
> very active people in this area is is Art St.  George
> <> who has asked me if I knew people working
> with such projects in Europe. He wants such contacts both because he is
> planning a session on this for the NSC in Warsaw and because he is
> in setting up a chapter under the Internet Society concerned with
> K-12 networking.

There is also a lot of activity in this field in Europe. Some people
are following the K12 areas in Fidonet. There is a lot of communication
between the French speaking schools of Belgium and schools in France and
Canada via the K12_Francais area. In Belgium we are trying to set up a
school network based on the Fido technology. Some networks of this kind
exist already in France, while Germany has mostly its 'Offenes Deutsches
Schulnetz' based on Unix technology.

One of the greater organizations co-ordinating efforts in this field is
the European Schools Project, which has been started by Henk Sligte from
the university of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This organizations must
actually have some 200 participating schools in 15 countries all over the
world. From 12 until 16 march there has been a meeting of this
organization in the neighbourhood of Dortmund (Germany) with some 140
people present from 12 different countries, where some people proposed in
fact to drop the word 'European' in the name of the organization. The
most active person in Denmark is Kirsten Antilla (
The e-mail address of Henk Sligte is . There are also
connections with FrEdMail (USA) and Kidslink.

This organization has also connections with other organizations as the
Chatback Trust in England and I*EARN from the Copen Family Fund (USA).

Henk Sligte is also a member of the board of directors of SIGTEL, the
special interest group on telecommunications of ISTE (International
Society for TEchnology in Education), Oregon, USA.

I hope this may help you a bit and let me know if you need some more



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