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Cleve Graves <> Mon, 17 May 1993 15:40 UTC

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The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY!!! Many servers, including ours, will
revert to the "older less efficient" Telnet character mode and do the 3270
conversion on the server.  This reduces the capacity of the network
significantly and the server will have more work to do, but servers do support
the capability.  Note: Some servers don't, too!  So, it is really at the
server as to what it does if a Client will not run in 3270 mode.

According to Dave Crocker
>The IDEA of fall-back is appealing.  But is it realistic in this case?
>I don't know anything about the 3270 world.  If I refuse 3270 mode,
>will host systems really let me continue in dumb tty mode?
>    ---- Included message:
>    and I'm not sure which way to jump) it makes sense to make this part of the
>    telnet protocol rather than a separate protocol.  Why?  -> The notion of
>    fall back.  If you can't negotiate TN3270 mode, you still get dumb  (or
>    perhaps dumber) terminal service.  Whereas if you have a TN3270 only

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