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John C Klensin <> Mon, 03 April 1995 23:08 UTC

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A little additional twist as you go after the WG Chairs part of this issue
--without them too, we really aren't finished.   We are going to have some
people besides the chairs who have similar vunerabilities but are not
"elected" IESG or IAB members.  Two examples:

 * Area Advisors appointed out of Directorates have almost exactly the same
vunerabilities as Chairs.  By making process decisions and giving advice,
they can be open to all of the Chair-type problems.

  * We've (Apps area) have been asked to appoint someone to act as a "media
type advisor" to IANA in the registration process.  In some respects, he or
she will be the liaison between IANA and the ADs, but, in others, there will
be decision-making power to decide what needs extensive review and what
doesn't.  The first person we approached had the immediate reaction of
worrying about the liability risk if he made a bad (unpopular) decision.
The alternative to appointing such a person is that one of the ADs do the
job personally, which I consider unacceptable.

Can we add this to the soup somehow?