WG ACTION: Decnet Phase IV to Conclude

IESG Secretary <iesg-secretary@nri.reston.va.us> Thu, 11 June 1992 19:04 UTC

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From: IESG Secretary <iesg-secretary@nri.reston.va.us>
Subject: WG ACTION: Decnet Phase IV to Conclude
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 92 14:44:52 -0400
Sender: gvaudre@nri.reston.va.us
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The Decnet Phase IV MIB Working Group of the IETF has concluded.  The
charter of this Working Group was to produce a MIB to manage Decnet
Phase IV networks using SNMP.  The group completed its charter with the
publication of RFC 1289 "DECnet Phase IV MIB Extensions".

The phiv-mib@jove.pa.dec.com mailing list will continue to be used to
exchange implementation experience on the Decnet IV Mib.  Should
substantitive revision be needed to the MIB, a new working group will
be formed with this same mailing list to address suggested

Greg Vaudreuil
IESG Secretary