Preliminary notes from WG meeting in Memphis

Ralph Droms <> Sat, 12 April 1997 13:14 UTC

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Here are my preliminary notes from the WG meeting in Memphis.  Please get
back to me with additions or corrections so I can write up the minutes for

I will post some separate ntoes starting threads for discussion on the
mailing list to follow up on specific topics from the WG meeting.

Thanks to all who participated - it was a *long* and very productive series
of meetings...

- Ralph

* User class option (dhc-userclass-01.txt)   - ready for PS

* Server selection option (dhc-sso.txt)      - ready for PS
  Suggestion from WG - a BCP doc on client behavior for server selection
* Server identification option (dhc-sio.txt) - ready for PS

* DHCP-DNS interation (dhc-dhcp-dns-03.txt)  - ask Yakov to reconsider
  requirement that DNS update complete before responding to DHCP client;
  more subtle admin control - client MUST do A record update on name
  outside of DHCP server domain; also, other editorial revisions

* Agent options (dhc-agent-options-00.txt)   - much discussion; general
  consensus on first two options (circuit-ID, modem-ID); some question
  about third option (subnet mask); further revision requested of author

* POSIX timezone option (dhc-timezone-01.txt)- ready for PS

* Service location protocol (dhc-slp-01.txt) - question about FQDN vs.
  IP address to be resolved before PS

* NDS options (provan-dhcp-options-dir-serv-00.txt)
                                             - ready for PS

* Domain search option (proposal)            - WG consensus to request
  a draft; needs words about using option 15 as client's domain and
  this options as name resolution search list

* SNMP MIB for DHCP                          - WG consensus to request
  a draft; much discussion with many ideas volunteered

* URL for proxy configuration file (kwan-proxy-client-conf-00.txt)

                                             - no consensus to either
  move forward or reject; several objections about vendor-specificity,
  requires new mode of DHCP operation to return application-specific
  information; should this be a SVRLOC function?

* Clarification for mixed-media subnets
  (martel-bootp-mixedlinklayers-00.txt)      - not widely read; WG
  consensus to publish as separate clarification or integrate into next
  revision of DHCP spec ID

* Dynamic subnet allocation (dhc-dyn-subnet-conf-00.txt)
                                             - preliminary discussion;
  WG expressed interest and consensus to continue development

* Multicast options (dhc-mdhcp-00.txt, dhc-multopt-00.txt)
                                             - preliminary discussion;
  some sentiment that this is an orthogonal problem and a separate
  protocol might be more appropriate; despite some concern,
  WG expressed interest and consensus to continue development

* Dial-in client issues                      - background research at
  this point; might work through DHCP proxy, agent options, DHCP server
  in dial-in server

* Server-server protocol (dhc-interserver-01.txt,
  dhc-interserver-alt-00.txt)                - two (somewhat complementary)
  drafts were discussed; much discussion about what the inter-server
  protocol should do and how it should do it; authors of two proposals
  will get together and try to merge ideas into unified draft

* Security and authentication (dhc-authentication-03.txt,
  dhc-security-arch-00.txt)                  - new architecture ID was
  discussed, which addresses fundamental problems with earlier
  authentication draft; WG expressed conern that new architecture would
  be too expensive computationally to scale well; WG consensus to continue

* DHCPv6 (dhc-dhcpv6-09.txt, dhc-v6exts-05.txt)
                                             - current drafts need further
  editorial review and clarification; serious concerns about security
  raised by WG; v6 docs also need to reflect current v4 operational
  experience (esp. wrt multiple servers)