[dhcwg] Summary notes from dhc WG meeting in San Diego

Ralph Droms <rdroms@cisco.com> Tue, 10 August 2004 01:03 UTC

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Include below is a summary of the WG meeting in San Diego last week.
Comments for those who attended are welcome.

Several of the agenda items include actions to be confirmed with the WG on
the mailing list.  I will kick off WG discussion of these actions with
subsequent e-mail...

- Ralph

			   Meeting Summary
			   dhc WG, IETF 60
			   2004-08-03, 0900


Chair announced Samung now has zero-cost licensing IPR claim on
draft-ietf-dhc-rapid-commit-opt-05.txt. No objection to moving draft

Chair announced no response from PacketFront to request for
clarification of IPR claim and to request for zero-cost licensing IPR
claim on draft-ietf-dhc-subscriber-id-06.txt.  Consensus of meeting is
to move draft forward despite current IPR claim.

The DHCPv6 Client FQDN Option <draft-volz-dhc-dhcpv6-fqdn>

After some discussion of technical details, meeting consensus was to
accept draft-volz-dhc-dhcpv6-fqdn as a WG work item.  It will be part
of a package of drafts to be submitted to the IESG:


The DHCP Client FQDN Option  <draft-ietf-dhc-fqdn-option>

Meeting consensus was that this draft is ready for WG last call.  It
will go to last call when other drafts in the package are ready.

DHCP Option for Configuring IPv6-over-IPv4 Tunnels 
Configured Tunnel End-Point Config. using DHCPv4 

Discussion focused on <draft-daniel-dhc-ipv6in4-opt>.  Meeting
concensus was to table discussion until dhc and v6ops WG chairs
discuss which WG should take on these drafts and how the drafts fit
into the v6ops WG discussion of tunnel discovery methods.

Vendor-Specific Information Suboption for RAIO 

Meeting consensus is to accept this draft as a dhc WG work item.

Renumbering Requirements for Stateless DHCPv6 

Draft to be submitted to IESG independent from any specific solution
for publication as an Informational RFC.  Meeting consensus was that
draft is ready for WG last call.

Lifetime Option for DHCPv6 <draft-ietf-dhc-lifetime>

Meeting consensus was to accept this draft as solution chosen by WG to
meet requirements in draft-ietf-dhc-stateless-dhcpv6-renumbering.
Author to publish revision based on comments from meeting before
consideration for WG last call.

DHCP Option for Home Agent Discovery in MIPv6 <draft-jang-dhc-haopt>

Chair to discuss with mip6 chairs to determine which WG should take on
this draft.  Is there interest in 3GPP2 to use this option as well?

Issues in DHCPv6 authentication <draft-jinmei-dhc-dhcpv6-clarify-auth>

Meeting consensus was to take on this draft as a WG work item, to be
published as PS, updating RFC 3315.  Contents will be merged with RFC
3315 for DS.

IPv6 multicast address assignment with DHCPv6 

Chair to discuss this draft with mboned chairs to determine where the
draft should be reviewed and how to move forward.

DHCPv4 Opts. for B-cast and M-cast Control Servers 
DHCPv6 Opts. for B-cast and M-cast Control Servers 

These two drafts were discussed together.  Chair to discuss these
drafts with Int ADs and 3GPP2 liaison to determine how to move the
draft forward.

IPv4 and IPv6 Dual-Stack Issues for DHCPv6 <draft-ietf-dhc-dual-stack>

Meeting consensus was to choose separate servers as solution to
dual-stack DHCp service.  Discussion of other questions to move to WG
mailing list.

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