Re: [Diffserv-interest] Re: [Tsvwg] Re: [NSIS] PPS and MF-PHB

Roland Bless <> Tue, 11 November 2003 18:16 UTC

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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 23:18:37 -0600
"MORITA, Naotaka" <> wrote:
> That is right.  I will check the meaning of PDP.

PDB=Per-Domain Behavior, see RFC 3086.

>  >What you call "sub-classes" are effectively two different PHBs: you will
>  >need two distinct DSCPs and each DSCP will be mapped to a distinct PHB
>  >that will cause a specific packet forwarding treatment. RFC 2475 defines
>  >a PHB group as "a set of one or more PHBs that can only be meaningfully
>  >specified and implemented simultaneously,....". Please, see also RFC 3260
>  >for clarification on the AF class as a PHB group. MF-H makes not much
>  >sense without MF-M and vice versa. However, I think your PPS admission control
>  >scheme can be applied to an AF class as well as to the CSC PHBs, therefore you
>  >don't need two new PHBs.
> But the important factor is the bandwidth limitation is shared between two 
> sub-classes.

Sure, no problem. That's why it is a PHB group.

> Sequence integrity is another one.

You mean that micro-flows should not be reordered if their
packets are marked as MF-H and MF-M alternatingly?
This is also a requirement for the PHBs in an AF class.
However, I don't see how you achieve this with the implementation 
described in 4.1 Fig.3: as soon as you have separate queues
for MF-H and MF-M, reordering may occur.

> How do I describe such things by isolated PHBs?

Confer the AF class definition and read RFC3260 in
addition to that.

> Anyway, what is CSC?

Class Selector Compliant PHB, cf. RFC 2474, sec.

> I will soon show you the difference between srTCM and my proposed two-threshold.

No, you don't have to, I support that there are differences. I'm not referring to 
the marking scheme, I'm referring to the AF PHB definition.

> For the correctness of the feedback information is a target of media 
> monitor server.

I'm not sure whether it is reasonable that the scheme depends on
the existence of some additional server.


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