X.500 Survey status

wright@lbl.gov (Russ Wright) Wed, 08 May 1991 02:44 UTC

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Subject: X.500 Survey status
Cc: wright@csa1.lbl.gov, rlang@nisc.sri.com

Hi Everyone,
Ruth and I would like to thank everyone for their help in providing X.500 
survey information and suggestions.  We  have received 16 responses to the 
survey so far.  There are more X.500 implementations out there and we would 
love to include them in our survey, but time is running out.  In particular, 
Retix, Wollongong, Siemens and Unisys are reported to have implementations.  
Please complete those forms!!!

I must admit that I bent the truth a bit when I said that we had received 16 
responses.  In reality, we have received 17 but lost one.   Oops!  So, if you 
completed a survey and are not on our list, please send it out again to Ruth 
and I. 

	   	  Ruth Lang  (rlang@nisc.sri.com)
	   	  Russ Wright (wright@lbl.gov)

Below is a list of the responses we have received.

        Thank You,

Name               Type      Submitter        E-mail address
Alliance OSI X.500 DSA/DUA  Vince Hunt       vince@touch.com
Custos             DSA/DUA  Len Gebase       gebase@osi3.ncsl.nist.gov
Directory 500      DSA/DUA  Duncan Stickings dunc@vancouver.osiware.bc.ca
DIXIE              DUA      Tim Howes        tim.howes@terminator.cc.umich.edu
QUIPU              DSA      Colin Robbins    c.robbins@xtel.co.uk
maX.500            DUA      Tim Howes        tim.howes@terminator.cc.umich.edu
MDUA               DUA      Colin Robbins    c.robbins@xtel.co.uk
POD                DUA      Damanjit S Mahl  damanjit.mahl@brunel.ac.uk
SD                 DUA      Damanjit S Mahl  damanjit.mahl@brunel.ac.uk
UCOM.X 500         DSA/DUA  Philippe Brun    phb@phil.sync.fr
VTT X.500          DSA/DUA  Asko Vilavaara   asko.vilavaara@tel.vtt.fi
XDI                DUA      Sze-Ying Wuu     sywuu@thumper.bellcore.com
XDS                DUA      Andrew Waugh     ajw@mel.dit.csiro.au
XDUA               DUA      Brian May        brian.may@mel.dit.csiro.au
XWP                Browser  Rob Hagens       hagens@cs.wisc.edu
X.500 DUA process  DUA      Ly Loi           lll@snow.esd.3com.com