IETF Schedule

Dave Katz <> Fri, 13 April 1990 16:52 UTC

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From: Dave Katz <>
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Subject: IETF Schedule
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I think the next action item for the group is for someone to float
a formal proposal on how to handle the dual MAC case, have the
group iterate on it, and produce an internet draft for the wider
community to comment on.  Although we discussed forming another
working group to generalize the multiple MAC situation, I'm
coming to the conclusion that we can handle this within the group
and let the internet drafts process take care of getting wider
participation.  This may speed up the process somewhat, though
I'm not sure.

I didn't schedule a working group meeting at the next IETF because
we basically haven't done much since the last meeting (I've personally
been very busy with other things and have shirked my duty somewhat
in keeping things moving).  I think that it's best to hash things
out via e-mail before calling a meeting, since time at IETF meetings
is so tight (and it seemed to work so well last time).  For what it's
worth, I won't be attending this IETF myself.