[Forces-protocol] RE: 01-7- Quick Updates to draft!

"Khosravi, Hormuzd M" <hormuzd.m.khosravi@intel.com> Mon, 25 October 2004 05:41 UTC

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I am back and here is a list of quick changes...

Acknowledgments - pls move this to the end of the draft as Jamal
suggested, doesn't seem fair to the authors I think.

Author Addresses - pls add all our names and address along with yours
and Remove Appendix A. You can get most of it from the Requirements RFC
(I am surprised no one noticed this before, including myself:))

Section 7.1 -> Replace State maintenance msg in the text With Config msg
                  |    S.M. Activate FE   |
                  |  Config-Activate FE   |
Section 7.2 ->
                    |   S.M. FE Deactivate  |
                    |  Config-FE Deactivate |

The author addresses moving around is important and fair to all of us
who have contributed a lot to this protocol.


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Hormuzd M; Robert Haas; Weiming Wang
Subject: 01-7


Changes to 01-7

- removed ETRI from front header - seemed unfair to list one company.
- changed format listing all authors to be a paragraph instead of list 
for aesthetic reason;  it broke across a page break and looked silly.
- added changes section - though it is not complete yet.
- re-inserted note on path vs. 'attribute id' discussion
- some language editing.  a bunch more needs to be done.  i will 
probably work for another hour or so tonight, but this is essentially 
what i plant to submit before the deadline.  if i work to much longer 
tonight i will submit it before going to sleeep so that i don't miss 
the morning deadline.


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