Re: Issue on the SCTP draft

"Wang,Weiming" <> Tue, 25 November 2008 16:32 UTC

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From: "Wang,Weiming" <>
Subject: Re: Issue on the SCTP draft
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thanks for your message.

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From: "Avri Doria" <>
> Is your teams  current TML documented and available for others to  
> review?  If so, perhaps we should consider making it  WG draft as  
> well.  Given SCTP's uptake to date, i would be very happy to see well  
> developed TML solutions using other protocols.
We are using the TCP/UDP and we'v already propsed it to WG. Our TML just runs well. Regarding the congestion, we can just open the system for any attcks to see the result. I'm not sure if other implementations with other TMLs can also try doing this.