Protocols over Frame Relay [multicasting]

Fred Baker <> Fri, 16 November 1990 17:24 UTC

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From: Fred Baker <>
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Subject: Protocols over Frame Relay [multicasting]

I don't disagree that Multicast makes life simpler in a lot of ways.  I
think it can quickly change from an 'ease of use' issue to a traffic
issue, though.  And (unless one invokes IEEE 802.1) the algorithms for
multicasting in a general network can be unfun.

Hence my thought about OSPF.  Now imagine that the many had a way of
multicasting, but by protocol, only a few (say, a "Designated Thingy"
and perhaps its "Backup Designated Thingy") actually used it.  Everyone
else learns the multicasted information by listening to the Designated
Thingy's multicast summary.  That sort of algorithm my keep it a
convenience feature rathe than a traffic problem.