[GSMP] WG LAST CALL of draft-ietf-gsmp-dyn-part-reqs-02.txt

avri <avri@sm.luth.se> Tue, 30 July 2002 23:15 UTC

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This message marks the beginning of a last call
for the GSMP Dynamic Partitioning requirements document.

The last call period begins immediately and lasts
until Thursday, August 15th, 2002, at midnight GMT.

This draft is a work item of the General Switch Management Protocol 
Working Group of the IETF.

	Title		: Requirements for the Dynamic Partitioning of Switching
       	Author(s)	: T. Anderson, J. Buerkle
	Filename	: draft-ietf-gsmp-dyn-part-reqs-02.txt
	Pages		: 7
	Date		: 25-Jul-02
This document identifies a set of requirements for the mechanisms
used to dynamically reallocate the resources of a switching element
(e.g., an ATM switch) to its partitions.  These requirements are
particularly critical in the case of an operator creating a switch
partition and then leasing control of that partition to a third

A URL for this Internet-Draft is:

Avri Doria

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