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> so, they claim some minimal level of configuration. Dunno about the level 
> Communicator has.
Oops, I meant "IExplorer".

BUT, thanks to "Jerry Harder" <>om>, here are instructions for 
configuring Express/IExplorer et al for other non-factory-installed directory 

  For Outlook Express, choose Tools, then Accounts, then Directory Services
  and Add. This will put you in a Wizard. 

Then use the wizard to configure the directory service in question. For our 
test RegID directory, do this..

  Internet directory (LDAP) server:
  Do you want to check addresses using this directory service: Yes (dunno if 
								    "yes" is
  Internet directory service name: Stanford's RegID test directory

Then, in the Internet Properties dialog you've been returned to, the directory 
you just entered should be selected. Choose the "Properties" button, and in 
the properties dialog, bug the "Advanced" tab, and enter "dc=stanford,dc=edu" 
in the "Search Base" text field. Then "Ok".

Then play around with the "Set Order" function to get things to your taste, 
then close the Internet Accounts dialog.

Then to actually use this to search the directory(s) you've set up for Express 
98, choose the "Address Book" button off the toolbar, then choose "Find" in 
the Address Book toolbar, and use the resulting "Find People" dialog to search 
the directory(s) you've previously configured.

It appears from my nominal goofing 'round with it that the filter construct MS 
is using expects the first part of name or email attr values, not some middle 
portion. So try putting in "test" into either Name or E-mail and see what 

In IExplorer, one gets to the Address Book dialog, and thus the Find People 
dialog, via "Address Book" on the "Go" menu from the buttonbar.