RE: immutable, permanent DNs @ Stanford

Peter Jurg <> Tue, 13 January 1998 10:17 UTC

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I followed your instructions below, but they don't work for me. If you use with searchbase o=SURFnet,c=nl however, finding people
within SURFnet is not a problem. Looking in the logs of my test ldap server
I can see that the Microsoft client default searches for values of cn if you
type a value in the Name box. I don't think the type of DN's you use matter
much, but apparently you need the cn attribute type to be present in


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> Subject: Re: immutable, permanent DNs @ Stanford
> > so, they claim some minimal level of configuration. Dunno about the
> > Communicator has.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Oops, I meant "IExplorer".
> BUT, thanks to "Jerry Harder" <>om>, here are
> instructions for
> configuring Express/IExplorer et al for other non-factory-installed
> services..
>   For Outlook Express, choose Tools, then Accounts, then Directory
>   and Add. This will put you in a Wizard.
> Then use the wizard to configure the directory service in question. For
> test RegID directory, do this..
>   Internet directory (LDAP) server:
>     <next>
>   Do you want to check addresses using this directory service: Yes (dunno
> 								    "yes" is
> 								    essential)
>     <next>
>   Internet directory service name: Stanford's RegID test directory
>     <next/finish>
> Then, in the Internet Properties dialog you've been returned to, the
> directory
> you just entered should be selected. Choose the "Properties" button, and
> the properties dialog, bug the "Advanced" tab, and enter
> in the "Search Base" text field. Then "Ok".
> Then play around with the "Set Order" function to get things to your
> then close the Internet Accounts dialog.
> Then to actually use this to search the directory(s) you've set up
> for Express
> 98, choose the "Address Book" button off the toolbar, then choose "Find"
> the Address Book toolbar, and use the resulting "Find People" dialog
> to search
> the directory(s) you've previously configured.
> It appears from my nominal goofing 'round with it that the filter
> construct MS
> is using expects the first part of name or email attr values, not some
> portion. So try putting in "test" into either Name or E-mail and see what
> happens.
> In IExplorer, one gets to the Address Book dialog, and thus the Find
> dialog, via "Address Book" on the "Go" menu from the buttonbar.
> Jeff