[Ieprep] Re: ETS (was Re: [Tsvwg] <draft-lefaucheur-emergency-rsvp> : Preemption scope)

"Brian F. G. Bidulock" <bidulock@openss7.org> Tue, 06 June 2006 23:53 UTC

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ken carlberg wrote:                              (Tue, 06 Jun 2006 19:19:29)
> I've cc'ed the IEPREP list since nearly all of the above documents  
> came from that group.  I kindly ask that if people choose to continue  
> the discussion on ETS, please drop the TSVWG from the cc list and  
> continue it on IEPREP.

Well, RFC 4190 section 4.3 explicitly scopes out network traffic
engineering in support of ETS.  Also, from the ieprep charter:

 "It is out of scope for this working group to do protocol or protocol
  feature development."

Whereas, as you should known as an author,
draft-lefaucheur-emergency-rsvp-01 clearly indicates:

 "This document specifies RSVP extensions necessary for supporting such
  admission priority capabilities."

I am confused by your request to drop tsvwg from the cc list: Is not
RSVP protocol and protocol feature development within the tsvwg charter?


Brian F. G. Bidulock

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