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Thus spake "lconroy" <>
> Seriously, folks, I try to avoid driving on the wrong side of the road,
> so is there a problem in walking about in this area of Dallas at this
> time of year?

Most major roads in Dallas are divided and/or have heavy traffic, so I 
wouldn't be worried about driving on the wrong side, but I understand the 

In any case, the weather is decent in March, but rather unpredictable.  It 
could be anywhere from 40F to 90F on any given day, and rapid same-day 
temperature changes of 30F+ are not uncommon in Texas.  Pack a everything 
from shorts and T-shirts to jeans and a good jacket.  Also, businesses in 
Texas tend to be excessively air-conditioned, so you may want a light 
sweater or jacket indoors even if it's 80F outside.

In general, that part of town isn't pedestrian-friendly, nor is there 
anything you'd be interested in walking to other than neighboring hotels. 
That's safe enough (and just across well-lit parking lots), but I'd 
recommend against aimless wandering away from the hotels at night.

> Also, will the Agenda give longer breaks for Lunch?
> - it would seem that it will take some time to get to an external food
>   joint, eat, and get back.

If you have a car, there are dozens of restaurants close enough to eat and 
return over a standard hour-long break.  If you rely on cabs, make sure to 
arrange for one ahead of time so you'll get back promptly.  Or just eat at 
the Anatole; the place is monstrous and handles crowds ten times the size of 
the IETF.

> On 28 Jan 2006, at 18:02, Marshall Eubanks wrote:
>> BTW, the last time I was in Dallas my wife and I walked all over 
>> downtown, including over to Dealy Plaza.  It was hot, we were the
>> only pedestrians except for some street people (except at the
>> Plaza itself), and we never saw a cab (except at a hotel we
>> went by).

Flagging a cab on the street is almost unheard of in Dallas; idle cabs 
gravitate towards hotels and sit there until called by a dispatcher.  The 
better taxi companies have GPS-based dispatching, though, and you can get a 
cab in 5-10 minutes in that part of town (email me off-list for numbers if 

>> My advice is, if you really want to get around, rent a car.

Since the meeting isn't downtown or otherwise near the rail system, I have 
to agree, unfortunately.  However, for those who don't want to or can't rent 
a car, cabs are an acceptable and possibly cheaper alternative, and are 
often more convenient since you don't have to figure out the local roads in 
yet another city.

If one isn't particularly in a hurry or is short on cash, there is a train 
(the TRE) that runs from Ft Worth past DFW airport and the Anatole to 
downtown Dallas.  Dallas Union has decent connections to other parts of the 
city, but the other TRE stations are inconveniently located (Centreport/DFW 
Station requires a 20-minute bus ride to/from the airport terminals, and 
Market Center Station is a half-mile or so from the Anatole).  The train 
fare is a paltry $2.25 for the trip, though, versus about $35 for a cab.

S, Dallas resident

Stephen Sprunk        "Stupid people surround themselves with smart
CCIE #3723           people.  Smart people surround themselves with
K5SSS         smart people who disagree with them."  --Aaron Sorkin 

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