ATNAC'96 Advance Call for Papers, 4-6 Dec 96, Melbourne, Australia

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Subject: ATNAC'96 Advance Call for Papers, 4-6 Dec 96, Melbourne, Australia

                  Advance Notice and Call for Papers

     Australian Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 1996


                      "Delivering Quality Services"

                            4-6 December 1996
                             The Hilton Hotel
                           Melbourne, Australia

= Contents: =
 * About the Conference
 * Multimedia and Video Services Stream
 * Broadband Networks stream
 * Teletraffic Research stream
 * Paper Submission details
 * Authors Schedule
 * Exhibition
 * Planning Committee
 * Registration of interest form


======================== About the Conference =========================

ATNAC is the major Australian conference on telecommunications
networks and applications.  It will include a full program of renowned
international keynote and invited speakers.

The ATNAC conference consists of three streams:
    		* Multimedia and Video Services 
    		* Broadband Networks, and
    		* Teletraffic Research

In 1996 significant changes are occurring in the telecommunications
industry worldwide.  The recent widespread availability of
multimedia services on the Internet, low cost software, and the large
base of existing Internet sites is giving rise to a 7.5% growth per
month in Internet connections.  These new interactive services are also
stimulating the use of audio, image, and video within corporate networks.  At
the same time the opening of traditional monopoly markets to
competition is stimulating the widespread installation of broadband
access networks to residences (such as the hybrid fibre/coax networks
being installed in Australia).  These developments are in turn
stimulating demand for ATM switching in the core of these networks to
support the demands for flexible bandwidth, and services incorporating
data, video, and voice.  In future, users will want the same services
available anywhere and anytime.  This will necessitate the upgrading
of the bandwidth and video coding techniques for mobile networks.

This year's theme goes beyond last year's theme of "connecting the
systems" to engineering the systems to "deliver quality services" at
the lowest possible cost.  Recent years have seen the development of
stable standards for basic switching and compression that allow the
building of a complete system.  The issue now is to take advantage of
these standards, and enhance these standards based on practical
experience, to meet quality of service and cost needs.  An
understanding of multimedia service design, network design, and 
modern network traffic behaviour is required to tackle this issue.

=================== Multi-media and Video Services ==================

Stream Chair
Dr Michael Frater   	   
Telephone: +61 6 268 8236 
Fax: +61 6 268 8443	 

Multimedia services are one of the major outcomes of the current
convergence of the telecommunications, computer, and television
industries.  The multimedia stream of ATNAC'96 will cover a range of
issues that are important to the development of quality multimedia
services, covering not only discussion of multimedia services
themselves, but the network and coding and compression technology
required to deliver them.

Papers are invited covering the following and related topics:

* Multimedia Internet services
* Multi-media applications
* Multi-media hardware 
* Multi-media software engineering including hypermedia, operating systems
  and utilities  
* Multi-media transport and networking protocols
* Multiple media synchronisation 
* Multipoint, multimedia systems
* Image, video and associated audio coding
* Multi-media/video storage, database servers and retrieval systems
* Digital delivery of television
* Video on demand systems
* "Set top unit" developments
* User interfaces and human factors
* HDTV and stereo/3D TV
* Packet image and video and the influence of ATM
* Error concealment/correction
* Satisfying audio/video quality requirements
* VLSI multi-media solutions 
* Virtual reality research and systems

========================= Broadband Networks ==========================

Stream Chair:
Mr Farzad Safaei
Telephone: +61 3 9253 6115
Fax: +61 3 9253 6144

1996 will be a significant year for broadband networks.  On one hand,
major progress toward the maturation of ATM standards is expected to
take place which will aid both vendors and network providers with their
product release and future planning.  On the other hand, the accelerated
rate of deployment of broadband platforms and services will highlight
many complex practical issues such as interworking with existing LANs,
Frame Relay, and Internet, operation and management of multiservice
networks, and the need for new tariffing structures.

The theme of the conference, "Delivering Quality Services" is intended
to focus on the fundamental objective of the network in the face of
these above-mentioned obstacles.  Authors are encouraged to relate their paper
to this theme.

Papers are sought covering the following and related topics:

* Service provision over ATM/SDH and other broadband platforms
* Application scenarios, such as distributed computing
* Application of broadband technology to the Internet
* Economical viability of broadband networks and products
* "Low speed" ATM products and interfaces, 
* Field trials, early commercial services
* Network topologies and evolution
* Broadband switch architecture 
* B-ISDN LANs, WANs, and interworking
* Network and service management 
* Routing, signalling and control
* B-ISDN protocols
* B-ISDN standardization efforts
* Operation and management of broadband multiservice networks 
* Broadband mobile technologies
* ATM scalability, beyond ATM

===================== Teletraffic Research ============================

Stream Chair:
Dr Moshe Zukerman
Telephone: +61 3 9253 6332
Fax: +61 3 9253 6144

The aim of the teletraffic stream is to provide a focus for theoretical
and practical research on load control, performance, and design of
telecommunications systems, and to encourage interaction between
industry, manufacturers, and academia.

Papers are welcome on any branch of teletraffic research; areas of
general interest are given below.

 - Teletraffic modelling and performance of systems and networks
                * Switching systems               
                * Intelligent networks
                * Broadband ISDN networks        
                * Signalling networks
                * ISDN                                 
                * Private networks
                * Mobile networks                      
                * Distributed systems
                * ATM LANs                             
                * LAN/MAN 

-  Traffic characterisation and modelling, 
   particularly for new applications and services.

 - Network design methods:
                * Meeting Quality of Service requirements
                * Optimisation
                * Forecasting
                * Architectures

 - Network traffic management
                * Routing algorithms
                * Traffic control policies
                * Communications protocols
                * Multiple access

 - Queueing theory

 - Simulation methods


=================== Submission of Papers ==============================

* Papers will be refereed from FULL PAPERS this year *

A maximum of 6 pages in double column format will be printed in the
proceedings.  Authors may submit shorter papers that cover
early results of research, or papers that explore new ideas without
concrete results, as poster papers.  All accepted papers will be printed
in the proceedings.  Authors whose papers are accepted will be
expected to present them in person.  

4 copies of the full paper should be submitted (as well as a disk containing
a postscript version of the paper if possible), along with a cover sheet
with your name, address, phone number & email address to:

Ms Irene Thavarajah
Conference Manager
Office of Continuing Education
Monash University
Wellington Road
Clayton Vic 3168
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

====================== Authors' Schedule ===============================

FULL paper due:		   21 June 96 (4 copies, up to 6 pages, double column)
Notification of acceptance: 16 Aug 96
Camera Ready version due:    4 Oct 96  

========================= Exhibition ==================================

Companies, research organisations and others who wish to exhibit their
products at the conference should contact: 

ATNAC'94 Conference Manager 
Irene Thavarajah 
Telephone:  9905 1344
Fax: 9905 1343

=================== ATNAC'96 Planning Committee =======================

Dr Bruce Tonkin, Monash University, Conference Chairman

Ms Irene Thavarajah, Monash University, Conference Manager

Dr Moshe Zukerman, Telstra Research Laboratories, Teletraffic Stream Chair
Dr Michael Frater, Australian Defence Force Academy, Multimedia Stream Chair
Mr Farzad Safaei, Telstra Research Laboratories, Broadband Networks Chair

Professor John Hullett, Curtin University
Dr Peter Beadle, University of Wollongong
Professor Gary Anido, University of Wollongong
Dr Bill Henderson, University of Adelaide
Mr Mick O'Brien, Monash University
Mr David Giddy, Telstra Research Laboratories
Dr Hugh Bradlow, Telstra Research Laboratories
Dr Michael Biggar, Telstra Research Laboratories

========================= General Inquiries ===========================

Irene Thavarajah, 
Tel: +61 3 9905 1344
Fax: +61 3 9905 1343


Maureen Kemp, 
Tel: +61 3 9905 1340
Fax: +61 3 9905 1343

=================== Expression of Interest =============================

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Return to: Monash University, Office of Continuing Education, 
           Wellington Road, Clayton VIC 3168, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
           FAX +61 3 9905 1343

                Expression of Interest

Australian Telecommunication Network & Applications Conference
4-6 December 1996

First Name:
Family Name:
Title (Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms):			
Job Title:
Mailing Address:

Telephone number:
Facsimile Number:

|_|  I propose to attend the Conference as a delegate

|_|  I am interested in the Exhibition

|_|  Please add my name to the mailing list

|_|  I propose to contribute a paper

My areas of interest in order of priority are:
(1 is highest level of interest, 3 is lowest level of interest)

|_|  Multimedia & Video Services
|_|  Broadband Networks
|_|  Teletraffic Research