Wrap up for the IPsec drafts

Robert Moskowitz <rgm3@chrysler.com> Fri, 19 September 1997 12:34 UTC

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Ted and I want to start last call on a set of documents that the IESG will
promote.  Our first step is to group the drafts that are related to this
group and then finish up the key drafts.  So in this light the key drafts are:

draft-ietf-ipsec-arch-sec-01.txt		(We are waiting to see 02)
draft-ietf-ipsec-isakmp-oakley-05.txt	(in progress will contain enc-mode)
draft-ietf-ipsec-ipsec-doi-03.txt		(questions on readiness)

ipsec-oakley-02.txt and perhaps ipsec-doc-roadmap-01.txt will most likely
be informational, all the rest are standards track.

We need everyone to review these and comment on their readiness.  PLEASE
include the draft name in the subject for everyone's benefit.

Those that receive no major comments by 9/26/97 will start wg last call on
the 9/29/97.  We need to get ALL of these through wg last call before
sending on to the IESG!  The 3 drafts with notes attached are already not
considered ready for last call by the chairs.  We request the editors of
these documents to submit updated versions, based on wg concensus in the
next week.


The following documents are still considered wg documents, but will follow
the above group to the IESG.  We do not want to overload them with reading
and slow down approval on the core documents.  Note that since the working
group consensus was explicit IVs only, this list does not include any
proposals that use derived, or 'implicit' IVs.  If I did not get this list
right in this regard, let me know!

draft-ietf-ipsec-ciph-arcfour-00.txt		(author reports new ver soon)

Somehow, it seems that we need to develop applicablity statements for all
of these algorithms, suggestions anyone?

The following drafts, for various reasons are dead:

draft-ietf-ipsec-vpn-00.txt				old vpn, watch for wg BOF
draft-ietf-ipsec-revised-enc-mode-01.txt		roll into isakmp-oakley-05
draft-ietf-ipsec-new-esp-00.txt			old esp	drop
draft-ietf-ipsec-ah-hmac-sha-04.txt		old ah		drop
draft-ietf-ipsec-ah-hmac-sha-1-96-00.txt		old ah		drop
draft-ietf-ipsec-ah-hmac-md5-96-00.txt		old ah		drop

The following draft will be moved to IPsecond:


The following drafts are released to their authors for independent
Informational RFC publication AFTER the main IPsec drafts are issued as
RFCs.  The justification for this is either there was no wg concensus on
their value to the IPsec specification, or they use protocol designs (for
example, derived IV) rejected by wg concensus.


Thank you all.

Theodore T'so and Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz
Chrysler Corporation
(810) 758-8212