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An update on Harvest from the Internet Monthly report. Jill

Internet Monthly Report                                    February 1995



        The Internet Research Task Force research group on Resource
        Discovery has been developing and experimenting with the Harvest
        system for the past 1.5 years.

        Harvest provides an integrated set of tools to gather, extract,
        organize, search, cache, and replicate relevant information
        across the Internet.  With modest effort users can tailor
        Harvest to digest information in many different formats, and
        offer custom search services on the Internet.  Moreover, Harvest
        makes very efficient use of network traffic, remote servers, and
        disk space.

        In the past few months we have made significant improvements to
        the system, allowing well-controlled specifications of the
        information gathering workload, much better gathering and
        indexing performance, support for more data formats, more
        sophisticated caching and replication, ports to popular
        platforms, and much more easily installed and used binary
        distributions of the basic system.  At present we are working on
        extending the system to support taxonomies and query routing,
        more complex data models, interfaces with other popular systems
        and products (such as Verity's and WAIS Inc.'s search engines,
        SGML, and SQL search engines), more customizable searching
        schemes, non-textual index/search engines, and a number of
        experiments concerning system scalability.  We are actively
        pursuing collaborative efforts with other projects in all
        sectors - commercial, government, academic, and others.

        Readers can get information about Harvest (including demos,
        papers, software, and documentation) from

        - Mike Schwartz (schwartz@cs.colorado.edu)
          University of Colorado, Boulder
          IRTF-RD Chair
          and Harvest Project Principal Investigator

        Mike Schwartz@latour.cs.colorado.edu.