NIR Status Report submitted for approval as an RFC Thu, 24 March 1994 20:06 UTC

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Subject: NIR Status Report submitted for approval as an RFC
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The NIR Status Report has been submitted for approval as an informational
RFC and also as a RARE Technical Report:

or from:
file: //

Last updated 23.03.94

Many thanks to everyone who has helped contribute to this 200+ page
document. This is the acknowledgement section. Many others helped too. Well
done everyone!

-- Jill

 9.  Acknowledgements

 The report was very much a collaborative effort of the members of the
 NIR WG and in particular Peter Deutsch (who contributed the mailing
 list section and the basis for Section 5), April Marine, Rick Rodgers,
 Lars-Gunnar Olsson, Farhad Anklesaria, Marsha Perrott, Kevin Gamiel,
 George Brett, Barbara Thomas and all those who helped review the
 document.  Special thanks are due to all those contributors who took
 the time to submit and update descriptions of their NIR tools and
 groups; their names are included in the templates in Sections 6 and 7.

 Before final submission of the report as an RFC, independent reviewers
 from around the world took two or three templates each and checked
 them out for accuracy and currency as best they could.  They liaised
 with the original template authors over the changes they made.  The
 volunteers were: Larry Masinter, Marilyn Martin, Sinha Velu, Ton
 Verschuren, Shirley Browne, Alfred Vella, Bert Stals, Yannis
 Corovesis, Gerard Egan, Robert Janz and Andy Linton.  They provided
 some very valuable input.