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                       OIW ODA SIG REPORT

                        March 9-11, 1993

10 attendees, plus 4 for the tutorial


     -    Discussed Application Portability Profile (APP) reference
          to ODA and SGML.
     -    Discussed need for new SIG for content architectures,
          recommendations will be available.
     -    Approved changes to Parts 22 and 23.
     -    Progressed Part 27 for migration DAP from FOD26 to FOD36.

Technical Activities:

* Image application subgroup:
     -    Approved a technical change to Part 23 (ODA Raster DAP)
          to modify the "application comments" attribute.
     -    Approved editorial change to the value for "ODA-version"
          in both Part 22 and Part 23.
     -    Prepared liaison statements to DoD and AIIM concerning
          changes to the ODA Raster DAP.
     -    Prepared PAGODA 13 contributions: 1) Revisions and
          additions to FOD112 pDISP; 2) OIW ODA SIG position on
          development of FOD126 pDISP; 3) urgency in publication of
          ISO 8613.

* Text processing subgroup:
     -    Reviewed and provided comments to workshops on the
          proposed ISR proforma from EWOS
     -    Reviewed and revised level 2 to level 3 migration DAP.
          This DAP will be Part 27 of the working agreements to be
          used to help generate a migration ISR for FOD36.
     -    Prepared contributions for PAGODA 13: 1) comments on ISP
          Proforma proposal from EWOS; 2) general requirements for
          ISR Proforma; 3) Position on conformance testing; 4)
          position on ISP enhancements.

* Interoperability subgroup:
     -    Reviewed testing methodology technical report.
     -    Reviewed fidelity criteria for evaluating I14Y quality.
     -    Reviewed project budget and new sponsorship proposal.
     -    Reviewed new product directions, possible future I14Y
          testing needs.
     -    Discussed change of technical consultants.


     OIW ODA SIG - Gaithersburg, MD 6/8/93 - 6/10/93
     PAGODA #13 - England, 3/30/93 - 4/2/93

  Minutes of the CATG Meeting
  from: Jon A. Stewart, Acting Chair

  March 10, 1993   4:30-5:30pm

    ODA SIG Members
    Carlton Neville, Neville Associates
    Lynne Rosenthal, NIST

    This was the third meeting of this CATG; and many of the
    topics previously discussed were revisited, including:

    o   Required capabilities of a "wrapper" or interface from
        content to "the world" (applications, formatters,
        document architectures)

    o   Critical requirements for preserving information
        content (objects) for long durations (e.g., 50 years
        for Boeing aircraft documentation)

    o   Independence and neutrality of content objects to
        various applications -- e.g., potential use of a
        a CGM content object in both an SGML documents and
        an ODA document

    o   Difficulty (some said impossible) of describing all
        the processing methods (such as layout, imaging)
        required for particular content types

    o   Interaction of content types, e.g., character text
        content within a CGM content object

    o   Need for independent content profiles -- such as those
        being developed for CGM, in CALS and elsewhere

    Although this has been useful brainstorming it does appear
    that there is no great interest from the current members of
    the OIW (including those members of the ODA SIG) in continuing
    the activity, either as part of the ODA SIG or as a separate

    The profile requirements for CGM in particular are being
    handled nicely with the current process. As new content types
    (such as audio,video, other character content than that
    described in ODA -- e.g., Unicode) become more important
    then interest may grow and justify the formation of a new SIG.
    We will meet one more time (at least) at the next (June) OIW
    and decide whether to continue this activity or redirect it
    through some other possible SIG (e.g., Information Interchange,
    Multimedia Content, etc.).
                                             OIW/ODA 93/0319

To:     Mr. Bill Gorham
        CALS Integration and Evaluation Office

        Mr. Alan Peltzman

        Ms. Jean Baronas

        Mr. Jim Crawford
        CALS Industry Steering Group

From:   Mr. Jon Stewart
        Acting Chair, OIW ODA SIG

Date:   March 12, 1993

RE:     Revisions to ODA Raster DAP, Stable Implementation

At the March 1993 OIW meeting, the OIW/ODA SIG approved revisions
to the ODA Raster DAP in NIST Special Publication 500-206, Stable
Implementation Agreements for Open Systems Interconnection
Protocols Version 6 Edition 1, December 1992.

The "application comments" attribute now consist of two fields.
The attachment describes the specific changes.  This action was
necessary to align the DAP with the International Standards
Profiles (FOD11, FOD26, FOD36).  The error was detected during
verification of the ODA Raster DAP using the ODA Conformance
Testing (ODA-CT) tool.

In addition, the value of the "ODA version" attribute was changed
according to actions approved by International standards bodies
(see attachment).  This action is necessary to properly reference
the joint CCITT/ISO publication of ODA which incorporates the tiled
raster graphics and additional bit order mapping addenda.


Mr. Jon Stewart
Acting Chair, OIW ODA SIG
  •   Jim Wing (J W)