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                       OIW ODA SIG minutes
                       June 9-11, 1992
                       Gaithersburg, MD
                       Submitted by JW Wing

     The meeting was chaired by Jim Wing, Chair, and was attended by
     8 persons.  After administrative information was given, Mr. Wing
     made announcements regarding ODA SIG business:

       1. Tim Boland has resigned as OIW Chair.  Ted Landberg is the heir
       2. Technical Liaison Committee (TLC) report
          - Jim Quigley, HP, is the new Upper Layers SIG Chair.
          - TLC charter is to be reviewed, volunteers sought.
          - Review of principles for development of regional profiles.
            This work is to continue.
            * The ODA SIG has the action item to verify the tale about
              regional profile work.

     The major items of business are:

       1. Status on PAGODA #11, DISP Ballots, Taxonomy, FOD36 editing,
          and Image application activities.
       2. Update on technical standards; SGML/ODA interworking work
       3. Object ID Registry

     After contributions to the meeting were distributed, a draft agenda
     for the meeting was presented which was essentially identical to
     the draft agenda proposed in the meeting notice.  This agenda was
     approved with the addition of the Technical Standards update.

     The minutes of the March 1992 meeting in Gaithersburg were

     Technical Activities

     In plenary session on Tuesday, Mar 10, 1991, status reports on work
     efforts of the SIG were given by Jim Wing, Frank Spielman, and Jon
     Stewart.  The areas covered by the reports were:

       1. PAGODA #11 - this meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland on April
          22-23, 1992 in conjunction with the SGFS Ballot Resolution meeting.
          CCITT Q6 hosted the meeting.  It was announced that CCITT had put
          off its vote on the FODxx documents until the comments resolution
          process is completed.  A tentative ISR proforma agreement was
          - The concept of minimum IR was reintroduced.
          - ODA terminology will be used for function units that correspond
            to ODA attributes.
          - FOD26 will no longer use factoring, although the concept is not

                          Minutes                    2

          - All applicable attributes of ODA will be listed in the ISR.
          - A suitable list of function units that are not specifically
            identified by ODA or the DAPs will be identified, defined and
            listed in the ISR.
          - The term "abstract feature" will no longer be used.

          PAGODA #10 meeting minutes have been received.

          PAGODA #12 is scheduled for October 19-23, 1992, in Dallas, TX,
          hosted by IBM.

       2. DISP Ballot Resolution meeting, April 24 - May 1, 1992 - this was
          a week-long meeting to review the comments presented by the
          National Bodies against DISPs 10610-1, 11181-1, and 11182-1, and
          to come to an agreeable resolution of all comments.  This work was
          successfully completed, although much editorial work remains.

          Only one OIW ODA SIG delegate attended.  Of the five major
          proposals sent by OIW ODA SIG, three were accepted.  The 'rule-b'
          on y dimensions and lists, TOC, tables proposals were rejected.

          OIW ODA SIG can be more effective by preparing detailed change
          pages for proposals and by attending JTFS to become national body
          representatives to these meetings.

       3. FODxx Editing - this meeting is scheduled for July 20-24, in
          Tokyo.  The purpose is to agree on the final text for the three
          ISPs and determine the final steps to be taken for publication.

       4. Taxonomy Status - the liaison produced at the March meeting has
          been delivered, but no new information received.

     Frank Spielman, NIST, presented the status of ongoing work for the
     Image Applications subgroup and identified the work for the group
     during the meetings.

     Frank Spielman also presented proposals and recommendations for object
     identifier assignment by the ODA SIG.  His report was submitted for
     review to be decided at the plenary session on Thursday.

     The ODA tutorial consisted of presentations on interoperability by
     Jon Stewart, DEC, and Joanna Vanderwilt, Boeing Computer Services.

     On Wednesday the ODA SIG subgroups (Text Processing and Image
     Applications) met in separate meetings.  The minutes of the
     subgroup meetings are appended to the end of these minutes.

     The ODA SIG met again Thursday in plenary session to consider the
     output of the working subgroups and other business.

                          Minutes                    3

     The ODA SIG reviewed and discussed alternatives on assignment of
     object identifiers described in ODA 92/0632.  After discussion, it
     was decided that multiple registration authorities within ODA SIG
     was desirable.  That is, open/office document processing and
     engineering document/image processing would have separate numbers
     in the object identifier.  (6-0-0)

     A second decision was that each Part (DAP) will include an index in
     an annex containing only those identifiers assigned to that part.
     That is, there would not be any cross references between the parts.

     The structure of the object identifier is as follows:

          iso (1) identified-organization (3) oiw (14) odasig (11)
          doc-proc-appl (0) DAP-ID-X (X), or

          iso (1) identified-organization (3) oiw (14) odasig (11)
          image-appl (1) DAP-ID-Y (Y).

     The two object identifiers to be used for the ODA Raster DAP are:

          iso (1) identified-organization (3) oiw (14) odasig (11)
          image-appl (1) raster-dap-odif (1), and

          iso (1) identified-organization (3) oiw (14) odasig (11)
          image-appl (1) raster-dap-sdif (2).

     The Image applications subgroup presented five motions to be
     presented at the OIW plenary.  After presentation and discussion,
     the following were voted:

       1) Request "Informal Quality Service" review from SGFS for Stable
          Agreements Part 22 and Part 23.  (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0)
       2) Liaison to AOW and EWOS submitting the ODA Image DAP and the ODA
          Raster DAP for review.  (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).
       3) Make editorial changes to Working Agreements Part 23, ODA Raster
          DAP, and move all changes to the Stable Agreements.
          (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).
       4) Make editorial changes to Working Agreements Part 22, ODA Image
          DAP, and move all changes to the Stable Agreements.
          (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).
       5) Add Document Application Profile (DAP) Object Identifiers to the
          Stable Agreements Part 23 ODA Raster DAP.  (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).

     The Text Processing subgroup presented four motions to be presented
     at the OIW plenary.  After presentation and discussion the following
     were voted:

       1) Add new text for Working Agreements Part 17 which is the
          Implementation Support Requirements for FOD26 (ISP 11181-2
          draft). (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).
       2) Liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT providing input on the action
          needed to successfully harmonize the ISR proforma.
          (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).

                          Minutes                    4

       3) Liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT submitting the OIW ISR document
          as the revised ISR proforma and presenting OIW ODA SIG positions
          concerning the ISR proforma and the use of database proposed by
          EWOS. (yes=6, no=0, abstain=0).
       4) Liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT submitting the editting
          instructions for FOD26 that enhance the functionality of FOD26.
          (yes=7, no=0, abstain=0).

     Other business included creation of three liaisons:

       1. Discussion of plans for PAGODA #12 and reviewed a proposed
       2. Review of the charter was proposed as a work item.  This work
          needs to be considered in conjunction with item 3.
       3. Discussion of future plans and the use of the planning charts
          provided.  Mr. Wing pointed out that the planning charts are
          useful in helping the SIG keep track of work items so that they
          are not lost.  He also pointed out that the planning charts
          should reflect the charter.

     Future meetings are:
       FOD Editor's meeting, July 20, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan.
       PAGODA 12 in Dallas, Texas, October 19-23, 1992.
       The next OIW ODA SIG meeting is Sept 21, 1992 in Gaithersburg,
       Maryland, USA.

                          Minutes                    5


                    Text Processing Subgroup Report
                        Submitted by J. Wing

     The Text Processing subgroup met Wednesday, Jun 10, 1991, during the
     OSI Implementors Workshop in Gaithersburg, MD.

     Attendees were:
        Patrick Stephens, DEC
        Greg Varga, Keyword
        Jim Wing, IBM USA

     The Text Processing subgroup:

      - Reviewed technical proposals on Test Case Directory and Test case
        documents that are to make up the Part 3 of the ISPs.
        o No one was familiar with the intended use of the documents.  The
          members agreed to look up and review the information for the
          next meeting.
      - Reviewed, modified, and reaffirmed proposed OIW Implementation
        Support Requirements (ISR) document based on PAGODA #11 agreements.
        * ISR editor (J. Wing) will update the current document.
        * Future work on ISR includes incorporating changes due to changes
          in the DAPs currently occurring, especially the geometric
          graphics changes.
      - Submit the ISR document as added text in the working agreements
        Part 17.
      - Reviewed EWOS proposals for ISR proforma and database proposal
        o Prepared a liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT submitting the revised
          OIW ISR document and stating the position that tentative
          agreements reached at PAGODA #11 as implemented in the OIW ISR
          proposal are a major step towards harmonization.
          * Also state the position of OIW ODA SIG regarding the use of the
            database, that is, the database is a tool that may be used to
            create proforma, but does not provide a proforma.  The database
            must contain harmonized fields and content equivalent to a
            harmonized ISR to be considered adequate as a generator of ISR
            proforma documents.
        o Prepared a liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT identifying a list of
          function units missing from the EWOS ISR proposal and identifying
          other items needed to complete the harmonization.
      - Reviewed proposal for enhancement to FOD26 for North American word
        processing products.
        o Prepared a liaison to EWOS, AOW, and CCITT submitting editing
          instructions for FOD26 to accomplish the proposed enhancements
          and recommending fast path approval.  Enhancements include the
          addition of simple tables, lists, and referencing for Table of
          Contents based on FOD36.
        o Action items:
          * Provide editing instructions - Stephens
          * Provide ASCII flat file form of FOD26E so that we can create
            a working agreements document - Stephens
          * Determine the Fast Path procedures - Wing
          * Obtain new part in working agreeements for this DAP - Wing


                          Minutes                    6


                    ODA SIG Image Applications Subgroup
                       Minutes of June 9-11 Meeting
                        Submitted by Frank Spielman

     The Image Applications Subgroup of the ODA SIG met on Wednesday,
     June 10, 1992.

     Attendees were:
          Rick Pond, IBM Canada
          Les Potter, PRC
          Annette Shuford, Navy/DTMB
          Frank Spielman, NIST

     The subgroup reviewed and approved minor editorial changes to
     Working Agreements Part 22 (ODA Image DAP) and Part 23 (ODA Raster
     DAP).  The changes were to clarify defaults for Type-of-Coding in
     informative annex D (Table D.3), add CCITT Recommendation T.4 to
     the list of references in clause 2, and add a note clarifying the
     use of ODA-version.  (4-0-0)

     The subgroup reviewed and discussed the comments in SGFS ISP Ballot
     Resolution documents on FOD11/26/36.  Many of the comments did not
     apply to our DAPs.  Others may apply, but it wasn't clear what some
     of the resolutions were.  The subgroup determined that no
     additional changes should be made at this time.  After the subgroup
     receives the editing instructions and final text on the FODs, then
     our two DAPs can be reviewed for consistency with the FODs.

     The subgroup approved moving the changed paragraphs in Working
     Agreements Part 22 and Part 23 to the Stable Agreements.  This
     includes the minor editorial changes identified above as well as
     all the text that was approved at the March workshop.  (4-0-0)

     DAP Object Identifiers were discussed and the subgroup approved
     adding identifiers for ODIF and SDIF in Part 23 of the Stable
     Agreements.  Because this is considered a technical change directly
     to the stable agreements which could fail to be approved by the
     OIW, an alternative position was developed.  This position was to
     have a "fallback" motion available which was to make the change to
     the working agreements and move to stable in September.  The actual
     values for the Object Identifiers had to be determined at the ODA
     SIG plenary.  (4-0-0)

     Documents from SGFS concerning "Informal Quality Service" were
     reviewed and discussed.  The subgroup approved submitting Parts 22
     and 23 of the Stable Agreements to SGFS for SC18 review and
     comment.  (4-0-0)

     The subgroup approved submitting to EWOS and AOW Parts 22 and 23 as
     contributions to PAGODA #12.  (4-0-0)

                          Minutes                    7

     The subgroup discussed the requirements for development of the
     Raster DAP ISR.  Different alternatives for addressing CALS and
     AIIM requirements were discussed but no decisions were made.  Each
     member is to review the working document (OIW ODA 92/350 R1) and
     prepare suggestions for Generator and Receiver requirements for the
     next OIW meeting.  The subgroup also discussed abstract test cases
     but needs additional assistance and documentation before work can
     continue in this area.

     Items for future work were discussed.  For the next meeting,
     members are to review the OIW ODA SIG work plan and make
     recommendations. We discussed adding colour/grey scale to the DAPs
     without making any decisions on an approach.  We need the
     republished standard which includes the colour/grey scale addendum.
     Also needed is the capability to do JPEG compression.

  •   Jim Wing (J W)