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    Date:       Aug 21, 1992                                   92/0901

    To:         OIW ODA SIG Distribution

    Subject:    Meeting Announcement

    From:       James W. Wing
                IBM Corporation
                5 W. Kirkwood Blvd.
                Roanoke, TX 76299-0001
                +1-817-962-4646 (tel)
                +1-817-962-3480 (fax)
                JWWING@VNET.IBM.COM (Internet)

    The next meeting of the ODA Special Interest Group will be held
    in conjunction with the OSI Implementors Workshop scheduled for
    the week of Sept 21 - 25, 1992.  The meeting will be held in the
    Lecture Room D in the Administration Building on the NIST
    Campus in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA.

    Please contact Brenda Gray (NIST, +1 301 975 3664) for meeting
    registration details.

    On Tuesday, Sept 22nd, we will begin the ODA SIG meeting at 9:00
    am with a morning plenary session.  In the afternoon, an ODA
    tutorial is scheduled from 1-4 pm.  The ODA SIG will meet again
    in plenary Thursday morning.

    The OIW Plenary is held on Friday, Sept 25th. Organizations
    participating in the ODA SIG are requested to provide representation
    at the OIW Plenary also.  This is the forum for confirmation of ODA
    SIG motions and liaisons.

    The draft agenda for the meeting is enclosed.  Please notice that
    three subgroups have been identified; one for progression of text
    processing agreements, another for progression of image application
    agreements, and a third for interoperability questions. Documents
    pertaining to the agenda are provided in the package to "active"
    members, distributed by subgroup chairs, or will be available at
    the meeting.  The Documents List identifies other documents available
    through the SIG.  These are available upon request.

    The working subgroups will meet separately all day Wednesday
    with a plenary session in the afternoon Thursday.  These details
    of scheduling are subject to any changes in the agenda during the
    plenary on Tuesday morning.

    I look forward to working with you in September.

    Jim Wing, Chair, OIW ODA SIG

                    Draft Agenda
                    OIW ODA SIG Meeting

    Time:    0900 - 1700
    Date:    Sept 22-24, 1992
    Place:   Lecture rm D, Administration Building, NIST Campus
             Gaithersburg, MD

    1. Introduction and announcements

    2. Administrative

    3. Review previous meeting minutes

    4. Selection of SIG Secretary

    5. ISP and PAGODA Status

    6. Informal Quality of Service

    7. Working subgroups

       - Text processing 09/23                 - Interoperability 09/23
         * Planning                              * Planning
           - future work                           - future work
           - ISR for FOD36                         - PAGODA ?
           - Abstract Test Suites                * Testing methodology
           - next PAGODA Oct 19, 1992              - technical update
         * Review FOD26E                           - vs datastream conformance
         * AOW FSTS Proposal                       - vs CGM testing
         * Review feedback from ISP editors      * OSINET
                                                   - status
       - Image applications 09/23                * Sponsorship
         * Planning                                - status
           - future work                         * Schedules
           - next PAGODA                         * PICS, DAPs and ISPs
         * Raster DAPs                             - relationship to I14Y
           - changes to the Working Agreements
           - review feedback from ISP editors
           - Stable Agreements?
           - review ISR
           - Abstract Test Suites

    8. SIG Plenary

       - Reports from work groups
       - PAGODA action items

    9. Future meetings

       - Workshop meetings
       - Interim meetings
       - PAGODA meetings

   10. Adjourn
  •   Jim Wing (J W)