Re: FREE CiscoView Download doesn't work :(

Frank Saxton <> Fri, 14 February 1997 18:02 UTC

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Subject: Re: FREE CiscoView Download doesn't work :(
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From: Guenter Kraft <>
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Subject: FREE CiscoView Download
Date: Friday, February 14, 1997 8:30 AM

FREE downlaod of CiscoView @ httP://

I tried to install the free eval version of Ciscoview as you offered.
I understand that this product is not supported, but....

The installation failed with 3 different errors:

error opening mib.txt
couldn't read file c:\cww\etc\cview\
snmp: MIB mapping failed

I'm running in standalone mode on an NT4.0 box

According to your E-mail, Cisco is offering the free software to promote
usage of Ciscoworks. 

I am currently evaluating network mgm't products for
a Client of mine. Ciscoworks would certainly be a contender in this
process. However, If I can't even get ciscoworks installed, I obviously
be recommending it to my Client (or to anyone else for that matter).

Additionally, if others in this mailing list experience similar
difficulties, Cisco's promotion may backfire on them!

A little assistance here would be in everybody's best interest, don't you

Frank Saxton
(503) 297-2325
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