OSI-DS Agenda for March 9th

Steve Hardcastle-Kille <S.Kille@cs.ucl.ac.uk> Mon, 09 March 1992 19:14 UTC

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Subject: OSI-DS Agenda for March 9th
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Lots to discuss.  Let me know if there is anything else you'd like added.  

Let me know of any additions/changes you'd like.

Remember to bring ALL the documents, and notes on your favourite new
attributes for the Schema discussions.


                    Agenda for seventh meeting of
                    IETF Directory Services Group

                         Version 2 --- Draft

                        S.E. Hardcastle-Kille

                            March 9, 1992

    Monday 16th March 1991



        San Diego IETF
        Hyatt Islandia

Draft agenda follows.

9:30 Introduction

     o  Agenda

     o  Minutes of San Jose meeting (OSI-DS-MINUTES 6)

     o  Matters arising

9:45 Liaisons

     o  RARE WG3 (Erik Huiser)

     o  ISO/CCITT


     o  OIW (Russ Wright)

     o  NADF (Einar Stefferud)

     o  DISI (Chris Weider)

     o  AARN (Steve Hardcastle-Kille)

10:00 Operational status of pilots

     o  FOX (Tom Tignor)

     o  PSI WPP (Wengyik Yeong)

     o  Paradise (Paul Barker)

10:10 Security Document (Marshall Rose)

10:10 Need for Directory Operations Group (Steve Hardcastle-Kille)

10:20 Progress on Strategy Document (Erik Huizer)

10:25 Progress on representing management information in the
    directory.  The new object models (OSI-DS 14, OSI-DS 16, OSI-DS
    17, OSI-DS 19) (Chris Weider et al) *** NEW VERSIONS COMING SOON

10:45 Naming Guidelines (OSI-DS 12.4)

11:00 ISOC role in Registration (Message from Vint Cerf)

11:05 User Friendly Naming / String Representation of DN (OSI-DS 23.1
    OSI-DS 24.1)

11:30 The QOS Experiment (OSI-DS 15) Russ Wright, Tim Howes

11:40 Report on JPEG Progress (Russ Wright)

11:25 Character Sets (OSI-DS 32) Geir Pederson

11:40 Counting the DIT (OSI-DS 30) Steve Hardcastle-Kille

11:50 Date of Next Meeting


11:55 AOB

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Difficulties with RFC 1274 approach to schema

13:45 New approach:  Document restructuring + reorganisation
    (possible new WG).

14:15 Schema Publishing

14:30 new attributes for DSA objects (Erik Huizer presenting a
    message from Paul-Andre Pays)

14:35 Detailed work on new attributes for RFC 1274

15:30 Tea

16:00 DNS and X.500:  progress on RFC 1279 (Wengyik Yeong)

16:20 Relationship to CAT (Common Authentication Technology) (John

16:45 Lightweight Directory Protocols

    LDBP Yeong, Howes + Hardcastle-Kille (OSI-DS 26, 27)

    SOS Hardcastle-Kille (OSI-DS 31)

17:30 DSA Naming.  (OSI-DS 13)

18:00 Close