IP namespace representation / proposal

Thomas Johannsen <thomas@aic.co.jp> Thu, 04 June 1992 14:48 UTC

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Subject: IP namespace representation / proposal

This is coming back to that discussion about IP namespace representation in
the Directory some days ago.

I have now finished writing the proposal which arose from Soft Pages. It 
describes IP address related objects in a three-level structure:

  1) network non-leafs for each class-A, class-B and class-C subnetwork
  2) node non-leafs for each IP address attached to a "connected device"
  3) line entries for each (logical) point-to-point connection

Using this method, we have modelled the backbone of the Internet within
Japan and put it into our Soft Pages Directory. Thus, we are
able to compare connections between our site and other sites
(namely anonymous ftp servers) with respect to certain
properties like estimated speed, cost etc. The proposed scheme works for
that purpose very well.
Currently, this Directory information still is not accessable from other 
sites (and not connected to _the_ Directory) but we're working to change

If you are interested in more details, please get a copy of our paper via
anonymous ftp from  ftp.tohoku.ac.jp:pub/spp/ip.ps. ASCII is available as
well but the figures are missing there.

I'd appreciate any comments on this paper as it might/should become a draft
for the Internet community. Even though the format of IP addresses might
change (that class-B problem...), we certainly should make efforts to put
the whole configuration info into the Directory ASAP.



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