textEncodedORAddress format?/mhsORAddresses storage?

Peter Ruczynski <pjr@pyramid-technology.co.uk> Fri, 26 June 1992 15:53 UTC

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Subject: textEncodedORAddress format?/mhsORAddresses storage?
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Date: Fri, 26 Jun 92 11:49:50 GMT
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A few questions about storing ORAddresses using QUIPU:

Is there a well known format for the textEncodedORAddress attribute?
If so, could some kind soul please send me some information about it.

Am I right in thinking that it is not the same as mhsORAddresses which
uses an ORAddress syntax which has to be put into the QUIPU database as
raw ASN.1?  Or is it just another name for the same thing, I suspect
not as it's syntax is CaseIgnoreString.

Are there any routines anywhere for putting mhsORAddresses into the
QUIPU database?  I've tried having a look at the PP code but I can't
seem to spot anything... any pointers anyone?

Any info much appreciated.


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