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Just in case you did not all see this.   I hope that some of you will make
time to attend, and present that case that X.500 is a practical solution.


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From:    jkrey@ISI.EDU (Joyce Reynolds)
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Subject: Agenda - Directory Resources Engineering Group BOF
Date:    Wed, 8 Jul 1992 16:25:32 -0700

		Directory Resources Engineering Group BOF
		Joan Gargano/UC-Davis, Joyce K. Reynolds/ISI
			Wednesday, July 15th, 1992

		What do we have?
	I.	Review of current whois servers
		1) Hostnames used for whois service for a domain
		2) Review of information content
		3) Review of information display
		4) Review of help responses

		What do we want?
	II.	Definition of desired information content
		1) People
		2) Machines
		3) Domains
		4) Services

	III.	Review of user interface issues
		1) Supported query types
		2) Amount and appropriateness of help information
		3) Support of electronic mail queries

	IV.	Providing a coordinated whois service
		1) Automatic registration of local database 
                   entries in the NIC database.
		2) Usage guidelines
		3) Hostname consistancy

	V.	Options
		1) Whois
		2) WAIS
		3) Functional X.500 over IP (one that works 
		   with a good response time and requires 
                   reasonable amounts of system resources).

	VI.	Review/Discussion of draft WG charter

	VII.	Review/Discussion of draft document,
		"Specifications for WHOIS Services"

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