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Peter Williams <> Tue, 18 August 1992 08:50 UTC

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   >Subject: UserCertificate
   >Date: Sat, 15 Aug 92 15:45:38 EDT

   >I can not figure out how to use StrongAuthentication.
   >Will some one please send me a copy of a bogus entry which works,
   >Please?!!    or 
   >Tell me what I am doing wrong?

I offer to respond to this, though it will be in a couple of days when
my busy schedule permits.

Ill start a discussion topic on the quipu mailing list, to discuss what
we at UCL/XTel/Cambridge have regarding strong authentication in

However, there are others (in the US and elsewhere) who have
implemented the same in quipu and other Directory software suites, as
the US Navy Testbed programme knows.  They also read quipu. We should
ALL, including all MSP consultants on the above lists, try to make an
effort to get such design and technology open, and up and running
publicly where possible.