[Raven] Internet Draft comments

"P.J. Ponder" <ponder@freenet.tlh.fl.us> Tue, 15 February 2000 16:44 UTC

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In the interest of nudging the list back toward the actual draft of the
wiretapping document, I think the document as originally posted is concise
and addresses the major points that are the subject of the questions

There were some comments about the definition of 'wire-tapping', and some
other more or less substantive comments in the rest of the draft.  These
comments may deserve further discussion.

Overall, though, I think the draft is more than adequate as it stands to
set forth a reasoned and articulate policy statement for the IETF, the
IAB, and the IESG regarding wiretapping.  I don't see any glaring errors
or 'show-stoppers' in the draft, and I am willing to argue that we have
reached that state of grace once described as 'rough consensus'.  

We could debate grammatical niceties and diction, but in terms of
substance, I think we have a policy statement that makes sense and cleary
states a position.

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