Danvers Headsup

bmanning@isi.edu Mon, 06 February 1995 19:00 UTC

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> I've tentatively scheduled you for Tuesday night 1930-2200.  If
> the social gets scheduled then, I'll move you to Monday night.
>  >> I'd like to get a RREQ WG scheduled for some evening early in the week.

The reason for this mtg is to catch any leftovers from a planned 
last call.

Here is our desired agenda between now and then (based on Fred's 
yeoman efforts in the editing chair)

> draft hits the streets on or before the 15th.
> two weeks email review then we get it published as a std-track RFC
>     one month before IETF. It goes to last call.
> The WG meets in Davers (5min or so) to say we've met goal and
>     catch any last call flack.

So, get those comments into Fred -NOW-.  We will be living w/ them for
a while.