[Sip] Manyfolks and re-INVITE

Christer Holmberg <christer.holmberg@lmf.ericsson.se> Thu, 13 September 2001 13:32 UTC

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Another question related to the manyfolks draft.

If we want to send a mid-call re-INVITE, for example to change codecs, I
assume that we will have to do the same procedure as in the beginning of
the call, with the 18x-, PRACK-, and COMET messages.

Now, since there is nothing wrong by sending 1xx provisional responses
for a mid-call request, isn't the 18x responses defined for the call
setup procedure? Also, I've never seen any example of the use of
mid-call PRACKs, even if I guess it's not illegal from a protocol point
of view either.

Comments on this?


Christer Holmberg
Ericsson Finland